What a Star Athlete Needs to Know Before Buying a Luxury Home

Luxury Estates International's Kamran Zand reveals three tools a sports professional can use to protect their privacy and personal information. 

Lxury Estates International’s Kamran Zand reveals three tools a sports professional can use to protect their privacy and personal information.

Las Vegas is known for its casinos, nightlife and entertainment, but it’s rapidly building a reputation as a hot destination for professional sports. The Golden Knights and Aces are drawing enthusiastic crowds on the Strip while the Aviators are capping off a thrilling debut season in Summerlin. Add in the pending arrival of the Raiders next year and there is no shortage of professional athletes eager to settle down in Las Vegas. 

Luxury Estates International founder and broker Kamran Zand is the authority for sports professionals seeking a home in Southern Nevada. “Working with a star athlete requires extreme efficiency and discretion,” he says. “Buying a home is a complicated and detailed transaction, especially for someone in the public eye who values security and privacy.” 

Zand is the exclusive Las Vegas representative for SportStar Relocation — a nationwide network of real estate professionals who know how to make a move from one city to another as easy and seamless as possible. 

“There are a lot of real estate agents and brokers out there, but not everyone has the skill and experience to coordinate the right deal for a professional athlete while protecting their identity and information,” says Zand. “The only thing athletes value more than winning a big game is the security and safety of themselves and their families.” 

Professionals athletes and other high-profile figures can maximize the home-buying experience with three tools for protecting personal information and securing privacy. 

The top three tools for protecting privacy in a home purchase

Limited Liability Companies

When a home sale closes, the deed is recorded with the government, generating public records and making it possible for anyone to look up the name and address of the owner. (That’s why new homeowners are immediately overwhelmed with junk mail and sales calls.) Protect valuable information by taking the title as a limited liability company (LLC) under the direction of a private trust. “Doing this is perfectly legal,” says Zand. “And best of all, no one will know you’re the trustee or beneficiary managing the LLC.”

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements aren’t just for contract negotiations or divorce settlements. They are also a valuable tool in finalizing a home sale. People love to brag about working with the rich and famous, but loose lips not only sink ships — they can reveal a little too much personal information, even when bad intentions aren’t involved. A non-disclosure agreement  is an opportunity to play it safe throughout every single step of buying a home.  

“I’ve helped some of the most famous names in Las Vegas close real estate deals, including athletes, entertainers and business leaders,” says Zand. “But you’ll never see their names on my website or advertising materials. However, you can’t take chances. I strongly encourage my high-profile clients to consider using a non-disclosure agreement or NDA — not just for real estate agents, but also the appraiser, home inspector or anyone else directly involved in the process of finalizing a home sale.”  

Social Media

Use social media to your advantage — by showing restraint. Athletes, who often have thousands if not millions of followers, use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other online networks to connect with fans. But beware of revealing too much. “I steer athletes away from bragging about a new home on social media,” says Zand. “In this day and age, someone can match up the identifiable characteristics of a home — based on a photo or video on social media — to information on websites like Zillow or Redfin.” Those sites are easy to search by dollar amount. If someone with ulterior motives has access to the MLS, it gets even easier to figure out the address and other information about a home based on something as simple as a social media post. Bottom line — don’t reveal too much.      

Professional athletes can score big in the Las Vegas housing market by choosing a real estate agent wisely. Kamran Zand and the team at Luxury Estates International know how to navigate the complicated transaction of buying a dream property without compromising privacy and security. Email [email protected] or call 702.530.9263 to learn more. 

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